FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro DSLR Camera


  • 12.34 Million Pixels (S-pixel: 6.17million, R- pixel: 6.17million)
  • New Super CCD SR Pro Technology 23.0mm x 15.5mm
  • Number of recorded pixels - L: 4,256 x 2,848 / M: 3,024 x 2,016 / S: 2,304 x 1,536
  • Storage media Compact Flash: (CF) Card (Type I/II) and Microdrive
  • Lens mount: Nikon-F mount (with AF coupling, AF contacts), Type DX AF Nikkor: All functions supported, Type G or D AF Nikkor (IX Nikkor lenses cannot be used): All functions supported.

Introducing the camera for the image conscious professional - The Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro DSLR! For the first time, a professional DSLR body featuring the Fujifilm Super CCD SR Pro coupled with Real Photo Processor Pro technology providing increased performance, control and durability.The increased dynamic range from the Super CCD SR double pixel technology (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels) became popular in the FinePix S3 Pro with portrait and wedding photographers. The new FinePix S5 Pro continues these advancements by coupling the proven Super CCD SR Pro with the companies new RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro for even more outstanding film-like results. The two technologies will be married together in a fully digital and durable metal alloy body frame. This opens the door for Fujifilms technologies to expand into other venues such as outdoor and high endurance commercial photography. Feature at a GlanceReal Photo Technology Pro Super CCD SR Pro Face Detection Technology for post image verification Nikon F-mount compatibility for all functionality with all Nikkor AF-D/G and the latest AF-S optics RAW+JPEG (4,256X2,848 pixels, 3,024X2,016 pixels, 2,304X1,536 pixels) dual-save mode MAC and PC supported tethered shooting mode via USB 2

Customer Reviews

I purchased this camera from employee discount for $900. When I got the camera it wouldn't work. After shooting one image, camera got locked up. shutter wouldn't come back down, nor switch off. I had to pull out the battery to reset. that's not the worst part, Returning back to fujifilm was so much hassle that I had call my AMEX to dispute the charges to get my full refund back. Never again will I buy fujifilm. unfortunately I work for the company ;(

Fuji S5 Pro color5
I have had the S5 pro for a little over a year. I have seen side-by-side results compared with Nikon D200 and D300 and Canon 12.1's and the Olympus flagship. Shooting in RAW the Fuji is just as sharp as any 10 to 12 megapixel camera out there. I don't like the less sharp standard settings. But what makes the Fuji chip special is the color. It's dead on; rich, finely textured, true. The design which mimicks the rods and cones of the eye works. Period. All the SLR's that have come out in the last 1 or 2 years are amazing. But the Fuji S5 still holds its own on color reproduction which probably is expected since Fuji is of course a long time leader in film manufacturing.

Was a very good low light camera4
I have owned the Nikon D70, D200 and currently still have the D80, D300 and Fuji S5. If low light photography is your cup of tea...then this is a very good camera. It beats the D70, D80 and D200 (anything over ISO 800 on these cameras are pretty much useless). However, since the D300 has arrived, (not to mention the D3), it is no longer my favorite low light camera. The D300 performs better in this area. It is also faster in fps and has a much bigger and clearer LCD screen. However, the S5 images at ISO 800 and above do give a grainy film like quality, which make the photos look quite good.
Dynamic range wise...i think the S5 is still better when set to 400%. If i had rated this camera back in Oct 2007, I would give it 5 stars. Since it is 2008 July, only 4 stars.
The good: High Dynamic Range, Very good low light capabilities, well built, incorporates Nikon excellent wireless flash system, auto-iso, film like grain/noise at higher iso
The bad: slow, very very bad menu (absolutely horrible!), LCD images of photo all look blurry...low resolution LCD screen?, can only use Fujifilm batteries...so your nikon ones won't be compatible!