Olympus Evolt E-3 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera

The new Olympus E-3 is the flagship of its Digital SLR line and provides the high-precision performance demanded by professional and enthusiastic photographers. It combines speed and weatherproof durability for capturing exceptional images in any situation. Olympus pioneered Full Time Live View and Dust Reduction technologies for digital SLR cameras, leading where others have followed. Now, the new E-3 enhances those technical innovations and raises the performance bar with the fastest autofocus in the world. Body-Integrated Mechanical Image Stabilization to stabilize every lens, a 10-megapixel Live MOS image sensor to capture beautiful images, and a magnesium alloy body for dust-proof and splash-proof durability join the impressive innovations developed for the E-3.

Evolt E-3 DSLR Highlights

SPEED. The world’s fastest Auto Focus system when combined with Zuiko Digital Specific SWD 12-60mm lens.

The E-3’s AF system works in the blink of an eye to ensure you never miss a shot. When combined with the Zuiko Digital SWD ED 12-60mm lens, the E-3’s AF technology works at speeds unmatched by any other camera in the world. An 11-point full twin-cross AF sensor system produces tack sharp images. Dual sensing arrays on horizontal and vertical axes are arranged in a unique half pitch shifted pattern for ultimate precision. Critical auto focus functions are faster: processing speed, object capturing, and tracking performance. A dedicated data processing engine and a new AF algorithm rapidly handle sensor information. New pixel multiplication technologies gives the E-3 an AF luminescence range of -2 to 19 EV for better low light shooting

Enhanced SWD Technology The ultra-fast auto focus speed of the E-3 is partly due to the sophisticated Supersonic WaveDrive motors in our new Zuiko Digital lenses. Combined with an ultra-compact encoder for detecting rotational movement with 5 ┬Ám precision, these lenses work smoothly, quietly and instantaneously.

Shutter speeds that truly let you capture it all Imagine what you could shoot with a shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second and an X-sync speed of 1/250 second. Freeze action while photographing a cheetah in motion. Or clearly capture a 96mph fastball as it connects with a bat. You can shoot at maximum aperture even in bright sunlight and take full advantage of the unmatched imaging power of Zuiko Digital lenses. A simplified mirror design gives the E-3 the fastest response time of any Olympus E-series camera.

Blazing shot-to-shot response Shoot in high-speed succession. The sequential 5 frames-per-second shooting comes from the rapid reading speed of the Live MOS Sensor coupled with a newly-developed TruePic III image processor and the re-designed mirror.

IMAGE QUALITY. Capture it all spectacularly.

The E-3 delivers sharp shots in low light or with a telephoto lens, even without a tripod. A sophisticated image stabilization system compensates for camera shake by shifting the image sensor an equivalent of 5 shutter speed steps -- all possible thanks to a gyro sensor that detects even the slightest hand tremble. An in-body image stabilization system gives you the freedom to use any Four Thirds lens. They are significantly smaller and lighter than other lenses because they don’t need an image stabilization component in the optics.

10.1 megapixels of amazing clarity Capture high-resolution images with rich tones and natural, true-to-life color. The E-3’s 10.1-megapixel, high-speed Live MOS sensor features excellent dynamic range, accurate color fidelity, and a new, advanced circuit to eliminate noise. The sensor’s low power usage saves battery life.

True color thanks to TruePic III The Live MOS sensor is complemented by the TruePic III Image Processor. It produces crystal-clear photos using all the pixel information from each image to provide accurate, natural color, true-to-life flesh tones and precise tonal expression. TruePic III lowers the noise in images shot with ramped-up ISO settings resulting in blur-free photos in low light.

Great photos start with precision-crafted glass You need high-quality lenses to achieve superior image quality. Zuiko Digital lenses are designed to work exclusively with digital cameras today and ready to work seamlessly with future high-performance image sensors. This large, award-winning family of lenses is perfectly matched to the E-3’s image sensor so every pixel is properly exposed. The results? Photos with bright colors and incredible edge-to-edge sharpness that can’t compare to shots taken with traditional film lenses.

VIEWING. Shoot from unique angles for more creative control with Live View.

Olympus is the undisputed leader in Live View LCD technology. It lets you see your subject on a large, bright screen in real time. The E-3 features an articulating, 2.5-inch Live View LCD screen that can be rotated up and down and from side to side. It covers all viewing angles so high and low angle shots are easy to compose and shoot. The LCD shows 100 percent field-of-view for accuracy. The Live View screen can also be used for AF shooting.

Make adjustments quickly Instantly check the effects of white balance adjustment and exposure compensation in real time on the Live View LCD before shooting. You’ll be able to monitor image quality more closely and exert greater creative control.

Magnify it The E-3’s Live View feature lets you magnify your subject right on the LCD by a factor of 5, 7 or 10 times for sharp, pinpoint focus -- a great feature for macro shooting.

Choose your framing assist pattern Three different framing assist patterns -- a grid, golden section or a scale -- can be displayed on the LCD without switching the actual physical focusing screen. You can even see an easy-to-read histogram that checks the exposure condition. A bright viewing idea. A sensor on the LCD swivel detects your surroundings brightness. The screen will brighten or dim for optimum visibility and to reduce glare.

RELIABILITY. All the technology to ensure reliable performance in the most demanding shooting conditions.

The E-3 is equipped with a large optical viewfinder that provides 100 percent accurate viewing and 1.15x magnification for reliable composition--what you see is exactly what you’ll get. Even fine details are seen with astonishing clarity. The E-3’s large, precision-crafted pentaprism is made from high refractive index glass with a highly-reflective silver coating. The eyepiece uses glass lenses. All the lenses are surface coated to maintain brightness. The focusing screen features a Neo Lumi-Micro Mat for bright, easy-to-adjust manual focusing.

Keeping the dust out Spots on photos are now banished forever. The Olympus dust reduction system is an industry first and a proven technology. Every time you turn on the E-3, our Supersonic Wave Filter -- located between the shutter and the image sensor -- silently vibrates an amazing 30,000 times per second. Dust is blasted away. The dust reduction system even removes dust attached by intermolecular force that can’t be shaken off or discharged with static electricity. Dust will no longer get between you and a great shot.

One tough, hard body Shoot anywhere, anytime, in any condition. The E-3 body--even the built-in flash and LCD--is splash and dustproof. Constructed from a magnesium-alloy with a homogeneous composition, the E-3 is lightweight yet strong and rugged. The same goes for Zuiko Digital lenses. You’ll find splash and dust-proof models that are as tightly sealed as the camera.

New Lenses (sold separately)

Launching together with the new Olympus E-3 digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, Olympus proudly adds three new Zuiko Digital lenses to its line of 100-percent digital-specific optics. These innovative lenses employ Olympus’ newly-developed Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD) technology inside to provide quiet, ultra-fast autofocus speed, and offer several impressive distinctions, including:

  • New Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD, in combination with the E-3, delivers the fastest autofocus speed in the world
  • The Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD focuses twice as fast as the previous Zuiko Digital lens with that focal length
  • The Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm f2.0 SWD joins the existing Zuiko Digital 35-100mm f2.0 as the brightest fixed aperture lenses in their class.
About Supersonic Wave Drive Technology Olympus-proprietary SWD technology has enabled an ultra-fast, whisper-quiet, high-precision AF system. Two compact, high-powered Supersonic Wave Drive devices power autofocus at an ultra-high speed by exciting unique elliptical oscillations, while an ultra-compact 5.3mm x 4.3mm optical encoder detects and controls the lens drive position using direct rotation detection without reduction gear. This enables it to achieve a level of precision that’s accurate to 5 microns (5/1000 mm). When used in combination with the new E-3, which offers improved AF computation and lens-body communication rates, the SWD motors provide the fastest focusing speed of approximately 170 ms (0.17 seconds).

Moreover, a new ultra-compact, high-performance Zuiko Digital EC-20 2x teleconverter doubles the focal lengths of any lens attached from the wide selection of Four Thirds and Olympus E-System lenses, for twice the telephoto power. Now the Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD (100-400mm equivalent), combined with the EC-20, will provide a huge equivalent zoom range of 200-800mm.

Customer Reviews

Olynpus E 3 body only5
This a a wonderful product. I have used an Olympus DSLR for several years, and the auto focus never seemed to be as good as some of the other top brands especially in low light or when there wasn't a good contrast. The auto focus on this camera is excellent. It will lock on to almost anything even in low light. I'm especially pleased with its performance with birds in flight.

E3 wow5
this is an awesome camera

great upgrade for me to my first DSLR

excellent camera and excellent lenses

great manual controls

not too heavy- wasn't sure this would be true but I use it 99 percent handheld
and it's fine for me

Olympus Evolt E-3 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with Mechanical Image Stabilization5
This camera is everything it has been said to be. I could not be happier with this camera. From macro to portrait to landscape to time exposures, you are in complete control! Big High 5 !!!