Pentax K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera

The Pentax K10D digital SLR camera features 10.2 effective megapixels and a host of advanced technologies including a Pentax-developed Shake Reduction (SR) system and a weather-resistant body. Designed to deliver high-quality digital images and responsive operation for advanced photo enthusiasts, the K10D features an array of Pentax innovations in image capture and camera functionality.

The most significant features in the K10D include:

  • A Pentax-developed Shake Reduction (SR) system that effectively offers a 2.5 to 4 stop advantage for sharp, blur-free images even under difficult shooting conditions, such as macro and telephoto photography or low light settings without a flash.
  • A newly-developed Pentax Real IMage Engine (PRIME) designed exclusively for Pentax digital SLR cameras to produce well-balanced, true-to-life images. In order to meet the performance requirement in handling 10-megapixel data, Pentax also incorporated a new high-performance 22 bit A/D converter to quickly transfer images with accurate color tones and richer gradation from the CCD to the imaging engine.
  • A new Dust Removal (DR) system incorporating Pentax-original Special Protect (SP) coating to help keep the CCD surface dust-free, and a shift mechanism to shake dust off the CCD.
  • A dependable dust-proof, weather-resistant body construction featuring 72 seals throughout the camera to allow photographers to continue shooting even in dusty or rainy environments.

High-quality image reproduction
The K10D features a large, high-performance 23.5mm x 15.7mm CCD with 10.2 effective megapixels as its image sensor, assuring the reproduction of true-to-life, rich-gradation images.

Pentax-original Shake Reduction mechanism for blur-free images
The K10D is equipped with the exclusive, Pentax-developed Shake Reduction (SR) system, which effectively reduces camera shake for sharp, blur-free images even under demanding shooting conditions, such as when using a telephoto lens, shooting in the dark or at night without supplementary flash illumination, or using extended exposures for sunset scenes. The SR mechanism is designed to minimize camera shake by oscillating the CCD image sensor vertically and horizontally at high speed using magnetic force, while adjusting the speed of oscillation in proportion to the amount of camera shake detected by built-in sensors. As a result, the system does not require special anti-shake lenses and can be used with more than 24 million Pentax lenses produced since 1964. (Lenses compatible with this mechanism are the Pentax K-, KA-, KAF-, and KAF2-mount lenses; screw-mount lenses [with an adapter]; and 645- are 67-system lenses [with an adapter]. Some functions may not be applicable with certain lenses.)

Newly developed A/D converter for truthful image data conversion
The K10D incorporates a high-performance A/D converter, which faithfully converts the analog data collected by the CCD image sensor into digital data. With the highest resolving power (22 bits, or 4.2 million gradations) among all existing digital cameras, it offers a digital-conversion capacity 1,024 times greater than conventional 12-bit, 4,096-gradation A/D converters.

Newly designed PRIME imaging engine
The K10D incorporates the new PRIME (Pentax Real Image Engine) as its imaging engine. Designed exclusively for Pentax digital SLR cameras, this new imaging engine produces well-balanced, true-to-life images through efficient control of CCD signals, saturation, brightness, white balance, sharpness, and contrast. Its new memory (DDR2: Double Data Rate 2) also serves to enhance speedy image processing and high-speed data transfer.

Dust Removal system to help keep the CCD surface dust-free
The K10D features the new Dust Removal (DR) system to prevent dust from sticking to the surface of the CCD image sensor (or low-pass filter). Applied to the CCD surface through a vapor deposition process of a fluorine compound, the Pentax-original Special Protect (SP) coating effectively prevents dust and stains from adhering to the surface. In the next step, dust that still remains on the surface will be shaken off when the SR system shifts the CCD at high speed. The dust that is shaken off the CCD will fall onto an adhesive sheet positioned at the bottom of the SR unit, eliminating any possibility of its returning to the CCD surface.

Dust-proof, weather-resistant construction
The K10D boasts a reliable dust-proof, weather-resistant construction, with special seals applied to 72 different parts of the camera body, including the shutter release button and switches/levers/dials. This dependable body makes it possible to use the K10D in the rain or at dusty locations without worries. Pentax 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens
With newly developed, high-performance optics, this new lens measures only one inch (25 millimeters) in length and weighs a mere 4.9 ounces (140 grams). Mounted on a Pentax digital SLR camera body, the lens protrudes very little from the camera's front panel, making it an ideal choice for carry-everywhere, instantaneous snapshot photography.

Original exposure system for faithful reproduction of creative intentions

Hyper Program function:
The K10D's Hyper Program function allows the user to instantly switch to the Shutter-Priority AE (Tv) mode or Aperture-Priority AE (Av) mode from the Program AE mode, with a simple turn of the electronic dials on the grip (one on the front for index-finger control, and the other on the back for thumb control). To return to the Program AE mode, simply press the green button positioned next to the shutter-release button.

Hyper Manual function:
When shooting in the Metered Manual mode, a single push of the green button allows the user to instantly set the proper exposure for the subject.

Sensitivity-Priority mode:
The K10D features a new Sensitivity-Priority AE (Sv) mode, which is designed to automatically select the optimum combination of aperture and shutter speed for user-selected sensitivity. The sensitivity can be shifted instantly (in 1/2 or 1/3 steps) by turning the electronic dial. Since this mode eliminates the need to recall a menu screen for sensitivity changes, the photographer can react more quickly to changing photographic conditions.

Shutter and Aperture-Priority mode:
Another exposure mode offered by the K10D is Shutter and Aperture-Priority AE (TAv) mode, which is designed to automatically select the most appropriate sensitivity for a user-selected shutter-speed and aperture combination.

Bright, clear viewfinder
Featuring a glass pentaprism, the K10D's viewfinder offers a 96-percent field of view and a 0.95x magnification for easy viewing of the subject and effortless confirmation of focus and composition. Coupled with the acclaimed Natural-Bright-Matte II focusing screen, it delivers a large, bright subject image.

Auto sensitivity control up to ISO 1600
The K10D's auto sensitivity control function automatically sets the optimum sensitivity up to ISO 1600, based on such data as the subject's brightness level and the lens' focal length. Since this function allows the use of higher shutter speeds in poor lighting situations (such as indoor sports events and night scenes), it helps the photographer to effectively reduce camera shake and prevent blurred images. For specialized applications, the sensitivity can be set manually from ISO 100 to ISO 1600.

Continuous shooting at approximately three images per second
To trace the movement of an active subject or capture a sequence of the subject's expressions, the K10D offers a continuous shooting mode that allows the photographer to capture a series of images at a maximum speed of approximately three images per second. In the JPEG recording format, the user is allowed to take as many images in succession as wished, until the capacity of an SD memory card runs out, or in RAW mode up to 12 images at 3.0 frames per second (fps).

Reliable shutter unit
The K10D's shutter unit is designed to withstand nearly 100,000 releases, while assuring high-precision operation over the entire shutter-speed range--up to a top speed of 1/4000 second. It also features a flash synchronization speed of 1/180 second for more versatile flash photography.

11-point wide-frame AF
The K10D's sophisticated SAFOX VIII autofocus system features 11 sensor points (with nine cross-type sensors positioned in the middle) to automatically focus on the subject with utmost precision, even when it is positioned off center. The in-focus sensor point is automatically superimposed in red in the viewfinder for at-a-glance confirmation.

Extra-large, wide-view LCD monitor
The K10D incorporates an extra-large 2.5-inch color LCD monitor on its back panel. Its wide-view design allows the photographer to check the monitor image from 140 degrees both vertically and horizontally, ensuring effortless image viewing even from a diagonal position. With approximately 210,000 pixels, it also offers digital zooming of playback images up to 20 times for easy confirmation of the image's focusing status and details.

Powerful rechargeable batteries for extended shooting
The K10D features new, large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which can capture approximately 700 images (CIPA standard) when fully recharged.

Compatibility with supersonic motor-driven lenses
The K10D is designed to be compatible with supersonic motor-driven autofocus lenses (currently under development), which are expected to provide smoother, quieter autofocus operation than conventional lenses.

Additional features:

  • Choice of 16-segment multi-pattern metering, center-weighted metering, and spot metering to accommodate various photographic applications
  • High-rigidity stainless-steel chassis
  • 32 custom functions to personalize camera operations
  • Extended bracket function to capture three images of the same subject at different contrast, saturation, sharpness, or white-balance levels
  • Compatibility with conventional SD memory cards and newly introduced SDHC memory cards
  • Choice of two preview functions (digital/optical)
  • Simultaneous recording of RAW and JPEG images
  • Manual fine adjustment of white balance
  • Day-by-day folders to simplify the arrangement and search of recorded images
  • Six built-in digital filters (Black-and-white, Sepia, Slim, Soft, Brightness, and Color) for easy editing of recorded images

Customer Reviews

Pentax K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens

Last year, when on assignment in Switzerland, I used several models of digital still cameras. I carried along the K10D, carefully testing the
first "shake reduction" I was ever to try.

Usually, I am a stickler for steadiness. Since my first days as a working
professional, it was always a must to employ the use of a tripod - not
only for longer exposures - but also for general shooting. Humans holding
cameras can almost never be quite as steady as a tripod or other camera stand. Think about it, our heartbeat causing pulse and cafeine shake in
our hands is nonexistent in a tripod. People do not always stand steadily
and firm.

My tests included handheld images with the shake reduction, tripodded
images without the shake reduction, and even handheld images without the
shake reduction, all cases using manual exposure settings ranging from
1/60th to 1/1000th sec., making notes as the images were casted on the
23.5x15.7mm CCD.

There is not enough room here to detail the hundreds of exposures made
during the three-days testing. Therefore, it shall suffice to say that
the K10D with its CCD-shifting shake reduction system allowed me to make
sharper pistures with three different lenses. Comparing the images made
on the tripod with those handheld using shake reduction there is not any
notable difference at 16X. Of course, one 6MP camera I tested, which did not have image-stabilization was used solely on the tripod, and images from it were as sharp as the handheld 10MP camera (not deploying shake
reduction and in similar lighting with auto-exposure.)

Other characteristics observed: The AF points on the viewfinder are red
and illuminated for easy visibility. The LCD display is large and sharp
and visible from a wide viewing angle. The DUST REMOVAL syatem is quite
effective. It actually shakes the CCD for dust removal.

The menu is not difficult to understand. The controls are splash and dust resistant and the cabinet parts and retractable seem to be nicely fitted

The K10D had a good feel in my hands. The dials and buttons are all just
about exactly where they should be for ergonomic placement.

In the final analysis, the camera, in my judgement deserves five stars.

Robert Caselnova, photographer and owner of Cas Photo Studio & Camera Shop

Great DSLR w/ weathersealing and nearly perfect ergonomics5
This was my first DSLR and it's been a great experience. It uses the same Sony sensor as the Nikon D80/D200 and if you shoot RAW, you get effectively the same results for much less cost.
On top of that, you get weathersealing so you can use it in the rain or snow or dust w/o issues.
The body feels solid unlike the plasticky XTi/XSi/D40/D60, and even the D80 to some degree.
Only nits are I wish it had a faster flash sync speed and predictive AF (the AF-C is really AF-S run continously).

Great camera..highly rated5
I have had this camera for over one year and each day learn more about the power of this camera. Recently took photo course and many in class had high powered Nikons and Canon DSLR's. My camera kept right up and in many cases had features their cameras did not, such as built in image stablization, and raw button. Just saw new DXO website that ranks K10D above many DSLR's and higher than some more expensive DSLR's. This is a great camera but not for the novice.