Olympus Evolt E300 8MP Digital SLR

The Olympus Evolt E-300 is a 100% digital SLR camera that eliminates any photographic limitations. A powerful 8-megapixel CCD combines with interchangeable Zuiko digital lenses, our exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter, and other cutting-edge technologies to make for world-class images. Advances in design make for a durable and portable compact camera you can take and trust anywhere. It features impressively fast shooting and operating speeds that ensure you never miss a photo op, and the ability to switch lenses and add flashes so you never miss a beat.

Image Quality
Along with the advantages provided by the 8-megapixel Full Frame Transfer CCD and Olympus's exclusive dust-eliminating Supersonic Wave Filter, images captured with the Evolt E-300 benefit from a number of additional technologies as well.

The included Zuiko 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 digital SLR lens (equivalent to 28-90mm in 35mm photography) is perfectly matched with the 4/3-type image sensor to deliver light more directly to each of the imager's pixels. Its 3.2x zoom covers a broad range, with close-ups coming out crisp and clear as near as 15 inches/38 cm. A new multicoating minimizes ghosting and flaring, while the sturdy metal lens mount ensures rugged durability. Features 12 elements in 10 groups and a weight of just 9.98 ounces/285 grams.

Furthermore, the camera's TruePic TURBO image processor offers significantly improved image quality and combines with anti-blooming technology on each pixel to eliminate undesirable artifacts, moiré patterns, and other aberrations that can appear.

Dust Free
Dust has long been an issue in digital photography. The Evolt E-300 features Olympus's exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter that dramatically reduces dust and other particles that settle on the image sensor. Located between the shutter and the CCD, the Supersonic Wave Filter uses high-speed ultrasonic vibration to cause dust and other microelements to fall off and be collected and held so they don't affect photographs. This filter vibrates at 350,000 times per second and is automatically activated upon powering up the camera (or manually via the menu) to render dust harmless. This unique technology provides both the freedom and comfort to shoot and interchange lenses with the confidence that your images won't be damaged or ruined by dust ever again.
Built-In Pop-Up Flash
This new flash design allows close-up flash photography without the typical "lens shadow." The flash housing pops up and then forward to better illuminate subjects when using a wide-angle lens at close shooting distances.
High Speed
Don't you hate shutter lag? Put an end to annoying waiting times with the high-speed performance of the Evolt E-300. Because it's equipped with our TruePic TURBO image processor, the Evolt E-300 is able to deliver fast image data processing for the files generated by this powerful digital camera. TruePic TURBO also has a huge impact on overall camera responsiveness as it accelerates the camera's startup time, decreases the shutter release lag time so you can capture images more rapidly, and provides quicker image playback for instant gratification. The Evolt E-300 also lets you capture fast-paced action with a quick 2.5-frames-per-second burst mode, and keeps you shooting fast for longer periods of time with its 64 MB image memory buffer and separate working memory for camera controls.
Scene Program Modes
Ever wonder how to achieve the results you want without complicated and time-consuming camera settings? The Evolt E-300 lets you choose among 14 shooting options so you can concentrate on your composition and leave the settings to us.

You can't achieve high performance without a highly durable camera. The Evolt E-300 is built to keep you and your images at an optimum level no matter where or when you use it, due to its sturdy and reliable design. An aluminum top cover provides added protection for the camera while giving it a sophisticated feel. The die-cast aluminum chassis provides a strong foundation for a camera that can be used in all kinds of conditions. The metallic lens mount is further evidence of the camera's ruggedness while also supporting the use of interchangeable lenses, up to the largest telephotos in the E-System family. It boasts a durable shutter. And its exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter repels dust and debris from the Evolt E-300’s 8-megapixel CCD so each and every image you capture is crystal clear and aberration free, just as you saw it through the lens.

Utilizing new concepts and new technologies, the Evolt E-300 boasts a radical new body design that makes it incredibly comfortable to hold and impressively appealing to use. Most digital SLR designs are based on traditional 35mm camera models. But innovations in digital photography have enabled us to provide an innovative design that stands out from the rest. Eliminating the bulky pentaprism commonly found on top of traditional SLRs, the Evolt E-300 incorporates a new and exclusive Olympus TTL Optical Porro Finder coupled with an exclusive side swing mirror that enables the unique flat-top appearance to be realized and increased portability to be attained.

What's in the Box

  • Evolt E-300 body
  • 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 lens
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Lithium-ion battery pack (BLM-1)
  • Lithium-ion battery charger (BCM-2)
  • Audio/video cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Olympus Master Editing software
  • CD-ROM
  • Manuals
  • Warranty card
  • System chart

Customer Reviews

It's official .... I'm in love with this camera5
Fantastic camera. I've been able to take some great shots with this baby and have had no problems. I'm using PNY Optima Pro 2GB CompactFlash 133X (20MB/Sec Read/Wrte Speed) Flash Memory Card P-CF2GB-133W-DVDC for memory (About 950 pics on HQ) and my time between shots is less than a sec. I don't even notice anytime between shots really. I've has some fun using OM1 lens with this body thanks to the Olympus OM Lens to Olympus 4/3 System Camera Body Adapter, if your interested in using an OM lens with the 4/3 body let me tell you it works beautifully. Battery last really long I've been taking between 300-600 shots a day on the one battery and still had tons of juice left. [...] Ease of use is great with only a small learning curve. I highly recommend looking at Olympus when it come time to buy a DSLR and the E-300 is def a fav of mine.

Olympus E-3005
I was very exited to receive this item, as it was a valentines day gift for my wife, until she tried to use it, so far its been in twice for repair for the same problem, the lenses will not focus. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the manufaturer or not, but I am giving the store the benefit of the doubt and giving them 5 stars, this is for price of this item, and the quickness in which I received it.

Excellent Camera!5
I bought this camera in September of 2005. In the last year and a half it has served me very well. I have taken 7500 pictures and the camera is going strong! I have taken pictures in all settings, light and dark, bright light and shadow, and the photos turn out nicely. Very little editing is required, if any, to have a great looking shot.

-Solid, aluminum body
-Strong built-in flash
-Great picture quality
-Easy to use menu
-Both lenses perform well. Both focus quickly and the zoom on both is smooth and performs almost to perfection.
-Battery life is superb. Even when using the flash I have gotten over 500 shots on a single charge. Up to 850 without the flash.
-Manual mode is easy to switch to and works well.
-The many different scene modes come in handy.
-There are many different picture quality settings that allow you to fine tune to just the exact setting you want.
-ISO 100-400 provide great shots, 800 is slightly noisy, and 1600 (with noise reduction) is okay, but almost unusable unless you absolutely have to have a shot.
-I have used the camera to take 350 consecutive shots, just holding the shutter button, and I had no problems with buffering. That worked flawlessly.

-Occasionally the camera will have problems focusing in very dark situations (almost night) and the flash will strobe to find an object to focus on. I personally turn this feature off and usually focusing is okay.
-I'm not very impressed with the Olympus Camedia software; therefore, I don't use it unless I am updating the firmware for the camera. Windows XP handles the camera just fine and that it was I use for transferring images.
-Limited availability of aftermarket lenses and flashes. They are available, but are over-priced.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the camera. You can not beat to quality of the pictures and camera for the price. I have used both the Nikon D70 digital SLR and Canon EOS 20D and I prefer the Olympus over them both. The build quality of the Olympus far outweigh both of the others. I would recommend this camera to anyone interested in a digital SLR!