Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera

The Nikon D40 is an interchangeable-lens digital SLR that unites the brilliant performance of world-famous Nikkor lenses and the practicality of a remarkably small and light camera body. It boasts handling and performance advantages that do away with the frustrations often associated with compact digital cameras, making it ideal for anyone who wants to capture spectacular digital pictures without fuss or complication.

Thanks to Nikon's world beating digital and optical technologies, the D40 makes it amazingly simple to capture beautiful pictures in almost any situation.

The D40 is equipped with a specially designed 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens; it's light and compact, making it easy to carry anywhere. The camera's design incorporates fewer potentially confusing controls and other distractions, allowing anyone to take breathtaking pictures while eliminating the need to "learn" photography.

The D40 features a high-resolution 6.1-effective-megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD image sensor and a highly advanced Nikon Image Processing Engine. These combine to produce exceptional image detail with true, vivid colors.

Nikon's exclusive 3D Color Matrix Metering II assures accurate exposure control even in difficult lighting conditions and an AUTO ISO feature makes the most of available light by automatically setting the camera's light sensitivity from the available ISO range of 200 to 1600.

The D40 has remarkably fast responses, with autofocus control algorithms that are inherited from Nikon's renowned D200 and D80 digital SLRs, delivering more precise focus, faster subject tracking, and more accurate autofocus response and detection--even in low light.

The D40 takes just 0.18 seconds to power up, and its almost imperceptible shutter release lag time does away with the frustrating picture taking delay common with point-and-shoot digital cameras--assuring that special moments are captured beautifully.

Nikon's scene-optimized Digital Vari-Program modes allow the photographer to concentrate on capturing nearly any type of scene without being distracted by camera settings. All eight modes--Auto, Auto (Flash Off), Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sport, Close Up, and Night Portrait--are designed to produce remarkable results by automatically calculating the best settings and ISO-equivalent sensitivity for each scene.

The new mode, Auto (Flash Off), prevents the built-in flash from popping up while boosting the ISO, thereby allowing the photographer to take pictures in museums, concerts, school plays, weddings, and other low-light situations where flash photography is prohibited.

The D40's new Retouch menu offers exclusive in-camera image editing features that add to the D40's "fun factor" by providing greater creative freedom without the need for a computer. Included in the Retouch menu is Nikon's D-Lighting, Red-eye Correction, Image Trim, and other creative features such as Image Overlay, Small Picture, Monochrome (Black-and-white, Sepia, Cyanotype), and Filter Effects (Skylight, Warm filter, Color balance).

The kit lens for the D40 is the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens, assuring superb picture sharpness and optimum contrast.

Included with the camera is Nikon's PictureProject software to transfer, organize, and share images, while Nikon's Capture NX photo editing software is available separately.

The D40 opens up the fun, excitement, and superior image quality of digital SLR photography to everyone. Its compact size and ideal ergonomics make it the digital SLR solution for pictures anytime, anywhere. Its bright and sharp viewfinder with 0.8x magnification ensures precise composition. After shooting, the camera's large 2.5-inch high-resolution color LCD monitor provides a clear view for checking sharpness, exposure, and focus by enlarging the picture up to 19 times.

Building on Nikon's reputation for making the finest digital SLR cameras, the compact D40 offers mobility, easy operation and beautiful pictures to even first-time digital SLR users, making it ideal for anyone ready to experience the difference of Nikon digital SLR photography.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic, I love this camera5
I'm a photography hobbyist and this was my first dive into the SLR world. With a little patience and research I have come a long way since the first day, but this camera made it a lot easier.

The settings are intuitive and uncomplicated. The camera itself is lightweight and durable.

The quality of the pictures are fantastic with the included 18-55 kit lens.

I love this camera and would definitely recommend to anyone starting out with their first SLR.

Nikon D405
Perfect camera, especially if you are going to step away from the typical point and shoot. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Great small carema5
I mainly use it with the 70-200VR, the light-wight of D40 makes it easier to carry and shoot. They are well-balanced if you hold the tripod foot. The 18-55DX come with D40 is decent, but I sold it since 17-55DX is already in my bag, actually this made the body cost me only 260 or so^^

D40 does have inferior IQ than those with higher MPs if you are pixel-peeping, but it's nice high-ISO performance(Yep, probably better than any DX format(excluding CMOS ones like D300/D90)) is definitely a nice compensate for that and the H-ISO perf combined with the VR and fast aperture of the lens making this combo shines in low-light in-doors situations.

It is not flaw-less though, the only 3 area AF and very-limited controls will be bothersome if you're already used to pro/semi-pro bodies.

At last, a small tip for D40, when playback, you press the "Ok", choose the one named color what what(sorry I can't remember it's actual name),and "Ok" again, you can see the 3 channel histogram as well as make adjustment to it on-the fly.